What is a Medication Pack?


A Medication Pack is a safe and easy way to manage your medication to ensure you are taking the right medication and dose at the correct time of day.   We take the stress and confusion out of managing your medication by packing you a week’s worth of medication in an easy to use blister pack.

Your Medication is packed into individual days with each day split into 4 dosing times (breakfast, lunchtime, dinnertime and bedtime).

We use the Practicare cold seal packing system. Cold sealing eliminates the risk of heat damage to the medication which is possible with commonly used heat sealing.

If you would like to take away the stress and confusion of managing you medicines, please phone or email the pharmacy team.



Click here to find out about   our medical reminder service.  When teamed with our Home Delivery and Medication Packing services, we have your medication needs covered.

Are you going into into short term or respite care?

We can do packs suitable for use in a health care facility.  These packs include:

  • Signing sheets
  • Medication profiles
  • Can be delivered to the health care facility (phone or email the pharmacy team to organise delivery)

Going on holidays and don’t want to take all your boxes of tablets?

We can pack ALL your holiday medication into blister packs that will easy pack into the bottom of your luggage.