About Us

Brentwood Pharmacy is an independent, locally owned and operated pharmacy. We are accredited with the Quality Care Pharmacy Program and a member of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia. Three of our Pharmacists are accredited to administer the Flu Vaccination and another is accredited to provide Hone Mediation Reviews.

Our mission is to provide you with the best possible care and advice.


  • Pharmacists
    • Michelle
    • Kate
    • Karen
    • Dominic
    • Rob
  • Intern Pharmacists are Sabah and Ashely
  • Pharmacy and Post Office staff
    • Allanah
    • Angela
    • Bianca
    • Bronwyn
    • Emma
    • Jasper
    • Kaylene
    • Larissa
    • Pat


Michelle and Pat’s family have been associated with the area for over 120 years and staff are drawn from the local community.

The pharmacy was started in 1957 by Syl Lane.  It was sold in the 1980’s to Winston Marsh and in 1996 to Kevin McAnuff.  Kevin’s daughter Michelle, purchased the pharmacy in 2005.

Syl Lane, Pat MacAnuff, Michelle McAnuff and Winston Marsh
60 years of Brentwood Pharmacy